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April 9, 2010
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Just another bad day: part 2
Meeting Toothless' human
I blinked my eyes open to see the fire that had been roaring in its little spot for hours, was put out. I wasn't as sore as yesterday, which was pretty fortunate. Also, I could move again. I turned my head to my other side. Toothless was not lying beside me. At that moment, I panicked because I felt alone and scared as much as before.  It was a horrible feeling.
I faced my head to be surprised to near death. I saw toothless staring at me with his big… beautiful eyes. "*sigh" he was standing right over me, which made my stomach fill with millions of butterflies.
He said to me ("Glad to see you're awake! Do you feel ok? You took quite a beating yesterday.")
("Yeah, I'm fine. I'm still sore, and a lot of the pain from my wounds is still lingering. I'll just have to deal with it….. Uhh… did I sprain my leg or something?")
("Yeah. Didn't you notice the pain in your leg?")
("No actually. I guess there was just so much other pain in my body that was being focused on that it kind of canceled out.")
I suddenly heard loud footsteps coming in our general direction. I looked over toward some stairs to see a tall, burly Viking with a very complicated and red beard. I made a little snicker at the sight, but then stopped at just the thought of what he was about to do to me. He came over to me with a 'thinking' look on his face. I inched back a bit, when I hit Toothless who had been standing behind me this entire time.
He comfortingly told me ("Don't worry. He is a friendly human. He is my human's guardian… or so I suppose. He won't hurt you.")
I was a bit skeptical of his statement, but I was in no state to argue. The human came over to me and looked over my body carefully. My eyes narrowed and I growled a bit. He seemed to notice that I was getting annoyed by his presence.
With a powerful but calm voice the human said "well aint you beautiful sight. A white night fury, well ill be. You feelin' ok girl?"
I just gave him a slight grumble of annoyance. I was so not in the mood for trying to negotiate with humans.
Out of nowhere, I heard the large human yell out, "HICCUP! GET DOWN HERE!"
I jumped up in complete and utter shock. He had a booming voice, which I disliked… very much! After the semi-heart attack I had, I heard small footsteps coming down the stairs. There appeared a small, young, skinny human boy standing in front of me. He just stood there smiling. It kind of freaked me out, so I inched back a bit. I tried to stand, but my left leg was preventing me from doing so.  So when I stood up, I instantly fell to the ground. Both the small human and Toothless came over to see if I was ok. I could sort of see why toothless would come to comfort me, but why would this human?
Toothless looked at me with a concerned look on his face. ("Are you ok there?")
I just looked up at him and laughed a little. He gave a sigh of relief. I turned my head to look at the human.
("The other humans call him Hiccup.")  Toothless said to me. I looked at the human a little nervously. Well it's not like I knew what he could do to me. He reached his hand out to pet me. I narrowed my eyes sensing danger. He seemed to refrain from touching me. I looked at toothless with a bit of confusion in my eye. During the time I had been looking at Toothless, 'Hiccup' had reached out and pet me on my neck. I jerked my head to look at him with red eyes, when he started to scratch harder. All of a sudden, I felt an extremely wonderful sensation run through my body. My eyes reverted back to a pure blue color. I started to purr. It felt rrreeaaalllyyy good! I started enjoying myself. It was blissful. Toothless was just standing there smiling. Hiccup stopped and I "woke up," so to speak.
Hiccup sat down on the floor and pulled out a pad of paper and a writing utensil. I perked my ears up in curiosity. I could only imagine what he could be doing on that paper. I layed my head down to wait until he was done.
I waited, and waited, and waited. After what seemed like hours, he finally came over to me with the paper. I shot my head up to see what the human had done on the paper.
He faced the paper to me and said, "See? I drew you. I'm not a very good artist though." I gave him a smile to make him feel better.
Meeting this human made me think. Maybe things will turn up soon! Maybe I could finally have a home and a family. Things seemed to be turning up for me… or so I thought.
............. just ask me questions. i dont feel like writing anything.

hiccup,toothless, and stoick (c) dreamworks
trinity (c) me
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amazing, this is really cool! a white nf, is that the only change or do they have bigger ears, longer tails etc?

cant wait for chap 3... if there is one? i do hope so :D
:3 nothing different. just a.... mostly white night fury.
since you asked, ill make another chapter. :D
why thank you, i shall wait impatiantly :D
Now I am inspired to do a double book. XD
One on Nightwing, and theother on The Guardian Spirits</b>, which I started...
My story.

Well, I didn't go further in it because I wnated to have your dragon in it too.:D
lol ok thats fine
Since my dragon is in need of help and yours is with toothless...^^;
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